We have embarked on setting goals for 2017 and hopefully have been working towards meeting those goals. Many of us, including myself, have set some fitness and/or healthy living goals. I have been reflecting on effective ways to meet these fitness and health goals. Exercise is a definite component to losing weight, feeling better, and being more healthy. There is more it than that.

Living in the United States, we are used to large portions of food as a norm. We are used to eating processed and fast food. As a country, we eat tons of sugar! What we put into our bodies is just as important, actually I would say more important than our energy expenditure, exercise. Healthy eating takes on greater importance for those who are suffering with pain, stress, and inflammation.

A body that is out of balance is at higher risk of being stressed, pained, and inflamed. Chronic and persistent inflamed bodies are at risk of chronic degenerative disorders and therefore more likely to have pain. So let us work hard towards our healthy living goals and be intentional!

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