Insurance Billing

We can directly bill Medicare and Blue Shield of CA PPO for your physical therapy services. Other insurance plans can also be billed provided you have out-of-network coverage.

We work closely with our billing service to acquire payments, so that you don’t have to. A self-pay option is also available. Please contact us for assistance at 951-733-6637 to determine your coverage and to discuss your payment options.

We will verify your benefits prior to your receiving treatment and will let you know what your financial responsibility (if any) will be. You will ultimately be responsible for annual deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and any unpaid charges not covered by your insurance company.

Cash Rate Option

California insurance companies often require that you have a prescription from a physician to be reimbursed for physical therapy. If you choose not to see a physician, but do have a diagnosis, we can treat you at a cash rate. Please understand that if you choose this route we may request that, for your benefit, you see a physician to rule out more severe or unusual causes of your symptoms and/or pain.

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